300 Days

Micheal Gorey


‘300 days’. Not 100 days, not 200 days, not 1 year, not 5 years and not 10 years. 300 days.
300 days are an in-between time in a young relationship. There are no massive celebrations planned and things have started to fall into place and a pattern. Things are good, we are happy and excited about our future. We are growing and learning about ourselves, each other and our relationship. Our 300 days is special and marks the final big milestone before 1 year.
So a bright and happy celebration ensued. We baked cookies. The dough and ingredients were prepared for us at the cafe but the styling of the cookies and the boxes were done ourselves. It was extremely fun and most importantly delicious. For a day it was fun to forget about other stress and worries and to focus on something important and personal without distractions.
Now it might be the delicious cookies talking but this day will always be remembered with a sweet aftertaste and chocolate in our eyes.
We’ll save the stars for 1 year.