Healing Alone

Micheal Gorey


I’ve always found alone time necessary. When I am especially busy there is always a point where I think to myself “I need to be alone”.
When I have these thoughts I tend to try and make some time for myself and put it as a high priority. Alone time used sparingly can be extremely beneficial to every day life, decision making, mental health and general happiness.
But maybe these days people could be thinking they have had far too much alone time for not only a day, week or month but a year. I hope that during this quarantine people can realise the benefits of having spent some time alone or with their family and how this can improve their outlook on things. I hope they don’t get burnt out and think negatively about the time they were forced to be alone, but looked on it positively
as a time of self-learning and development that has helped make them become the person they become in the future.