Following the past few images I submitted, I continue to focus on the images I have and working on it, and finally, I found the best way to present my work on this topic and can connect with the situation that we are struggling with. In this case, I decided to combine the images with drawing. I found that I have always been interested in the theme of single roadside objects. These single lonely objects are incompatible with the surrounding lively environment I photographed them. When I was arranging the photos, I looked at the images again. I realized that the world has discovered earth-shaking changes. There are not so many people on the streets, but these lonely objects will always exist as a kind of abandoned sign responds to the world. I can feel the strong emotion in these photos. Through the Images I was taken from a few years ago, I can deeply feel the atmosphere that was surrounding the whole world. I know these images are lonely and painful. I do n’t want to express such emotions, so I decided to use paint to transform the emotions conveyed by the images, a specific emotion, on the basis of the images. Between good and bad or happy and sad. I want to respond to the dilemma facing humanity in this way.